1.    Do you know what you spend on Marketing monthly and do you know what your return on investment is?

If you can’t answer this question, then you’re not alone.  Do you rely on intuition and guess work or do you have verified tracking to the penny of what each  technique provides?  There are many ways to be able to track (Find
statistic on % of people that track their marketing) or make it and tell people
that’s not what you want to do.

2.    Is the only time your customers hear from you is when they’re receiving your invoice? How do you stay in contact with your customers? How often do you stay in contact with your customers?

There are a variety of ways to stay in contact with your customers without spending thousands of dollars every month.  My top three ways are through Social Media, Newsletters, and email.  The goal is to provide content that is
frequent enough without being overwhelming, and must also provide interesting
content that your customers look forward to receiving.  It’s not just about attracting customers; it’s about keeping the ones that you have.  Build a system that does the work for you. Build a list that you can continue to market to on a monthly basis.  They may not need your services now, but they could use them in the future.

3.    What do you offer your customers for free?

This doesn’t have to be something huge; as a matter of fact this shouldn’t be something large but something useful for your customer.  Something as simple as a free report can mean a lot to your customer.  They can also help solidify you as an expert in your field.

4.    What should you do next?

Here are 10 ways you can start to improve your marketing campaign this year:

  • Create a Marketing Plan
  • Optimize Your Website
  • Facebook Fan Page
  • Attention Grabbing Mailers
  • Twitter Account
  • Track Your Marketing
  • Free Reports
  • Connect with Lost Customers
  • Build a List
  •  Newsletter